Bridge Park Edu-Care was opened in 2005, the school is situated in Macassar, a township is located about 40 km east of Cape Town. The Kindergarten is owned by Magdalena Booysen and managed by the very dedicated Jo-Ann Samuels. There are currently, about 46 children from 6 months to 6 years in kindergarten. The house is in a relatively decent condition. Even so, the classroom premises where the children supervised learning are very dark and unkind and uncomfortless, so we decided to install  new lighting In all rooms. There was also a big need in the kitchen area, temporarily it is cooked here for more than a hundred people. On some days, people in need from the community receive a hot meal for free at Bridge Park. The kitchen was small and in poor condition and did not meet the conditions needed to Introduce and Implement healthy eating.  That’s why we decided to invest in a new kitchen in October 2018. We have received financial support for this project from the African-rainbow foundation. The kitchen was completed in March 2019. Adequate nutrition is essential for ideal learning. Twice a day the children receive now a healthy and full-value meal at Bridge Park Edu-Care.

Involvement since 2018.