After the end of apartheid, with the establishment of a new, democratic government, all kindergartens in the Helderberg region were either closed or no longer received financial support. The resulting consequences were devastating for the families in the townships: without childcare parents could not look for jobs; no work meant no wages; no wages meant there was no possibility to adequately take care of one’s family – a vicious cycle.
After long and complex negotiations with government departments and churches, we finally built our first kindergarten in 1998 with the aid of private donations. This facility was originally planned for 100 children and could be used to serve as a possible role model for other kindergartens in the area. Meanwhile, both the kindergarten’s construction and organisation have been significantly improved. In March 2018, the kindergarten celebrated its 20th anniversary. Based on a successful education, many of the children from its inception, today work in professions and have secure incomes.
“Helderberg Golden Sunbeam” was the first kindergarten that Bernd Hotlkamp built and supported – a prime example of sustainability and successful work in townships. It has laid the foundation for our current activities. That is why our newly founded association “Golden Sunbeams e.V.” is named after this first kindergarten of ours.
Involvement since 1998.