This kindergarten does not have official approval and is therefore, not sponsored by the government. However, this kindergarten has a very dedicated kindergarten leader, Principal Nomthamzamo. For many years she has been dedicated to the development and education of children. She even rented premises for this purpose. This commitment must be rewarded! We support the kindergarten continuously in terms of construction: renewal and insulation of the leaky roof, tiling floors, construction of new walls, renewal of the entire electrical system, as well as investments in emergency exit and escape routes. The premises for the children were thus brighter and safer, because fires in the townships are still largely caused by old and improper electrical. In 2018 we laid an artificial lawn on the small playground with swings and a climbing frame. Thus, the children no longer have to play on the either dusty or wet, muddy, clay soil and when they jump, it is a soft landing for them they and do not hurt themselves if they fall off the jungle gym.
Involvement since 2012.