­Dear friends of Golden Sunbeams

At Easter, the spring weather in Germany must have been wonderfully sunny and warm – almost as beautiful as ours, at the other end of the world.
And we had something else in common: the Easter bunny also came to Cape Town!

That’s why we, at Golden Sunbeams, distributed the Easter eggs to our kindergartens timeously, these eggs which had been waiting on supermarket shelves for many weeks to be handed out.
In South Africa, as in Germany, there is Good Friday and Easter Monday.  However, we celebrate it rather differently here – people spend a lot of time with their families on the beaches or in the mountains at Easter.

Generally speaking, Easter is traditionally a family celebration in South Africa.  Many people travel over the long weekend or enjoy a cheerful braai at home (the legendary South African barbecue).  But here it also means hunting for Easter eggs, eating chocolate bunnies, playing with the kids and cosy get-togethers.
However, this experience of South Africa is not the reality for most of our children in the townships.  For them the Easter eggs that we distribute in our kindergartens are, regrettably, the only indication of Easter.

Nevertheless, or just for this reason, the searching, discovery and finding of eggs was great fun! All of the children and us adults derived so much enjoyment in hiding the eggs to watch them search for them and then discover and find them.

Once again, it was our generous sponsors who made this happy day possible with their donations. Thank you very much!