Dear friends

Today we want to tell you about our trip to Cape Town on 10 April 2019, to which we invited all the children of the kindergarten Helderberg Golden Sunbeam.


­ For days beforehand all of them were very excited and thrilled, as it was the first-ever trip to faraway Cape Town, 40 km distant, for most of them.

On Wednesday morning we collected the children in a hired bus from the kindergarten in Macassar and drove to the Waterfront.

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is situated between Robben Island and Table Mountain in the heart of the harbour and is the most visited destination in South Africa. The Two Oceans Aquarium is set against a backdrop of stunning views of the ocean and mountains.
The aquarium with its fascinating underwater world was the first stage of our visit to the historic Waterfront.
The children watched the many different sea creatures in amazement and ran back and forth between the various tanks housing marine life.  It was very exciting for the kids, as well as for us adults, and not so easy to keep the 60 little rascals together!  Luckily, several parents were there to help us and the kindergarten teachers to supervise them.
Silence only reigned supreme when the children listened to a lecture by an aquarium employee about the fascinating marine biology.  Following this there was a puppet show in which turtles and tiger sharks were the main characters.

It was a great pleasure to look into the bright eyes of the children – although the biggest attraction of the day still lay ahead!

After the visit to the aquarium, 60 children and their carers happily crossed the Waterfront to board the pirate boat “Jolly Roger”.

Before the children went on-board, they put on their life jackets and then the call came to cast off.

For many of the little ones – and for one or another adult – this was their first boat trip.

The one-hour trip was great fun but we won’t deny that the sea was rough and this caused several people, both big and small, to get seasick!

As soon as everyone had reached firm ground again, they were proud of the experience. And hungry! The reasons being the multiple experiences of the day and the fresh sea air.

Then it was time to eat in a child-friendly restaurant at the Waterfront where the children could also play – those at least who still had energy.

Around 16h00 we travelled back to Macassar by which time even the biggest bundles of energy were quiet due to the eventful day. Thus almost all the children fell asleep on the way home.

Together with the children of Helderberg Golden Sunbeam, we would like to thank all our sponsors warmly for their donations which made this day possible for the children. Renewed and warmest thanks. We could not have done it without your financial support.