Practice run: The children of the Playway pre-primary school try out the new artificial lawn with Britta Belz and Bernd Holtkamp.
Dear friends
­As most of you know, in the past twenty years Bernd has built  and developed many kindergartens and pre-primary schools in the Cape Town area independently with his own resources and with private funds.  In addition to this many of you, as well as friendly sponsors, have supported him with private funds.  For this we wish to thank you sincerely once again.

Britta has lived in Cape Town since 2014 to support welfare organisations and voluntary projects for children from the townships.  She searches for topics and projects that can permanently improve the basic lives and conditions of disadvantaged children in the Cape region.  Through this work, she got to know Bernd Holtkamp years ago.

In autumn 2017, we decided to merge our experiences and energies by establishing a joint Society.  This was due to the continuous and great need of many township inhabitants to provide a safe place for their children when they are at work or whilst they seek employment.  The development, care and socialising of children is a primary prerequisite for equal opportunities and the development of a secure and promising future.

That’s why we sponsor the following projects:
●  the building and re-building of kindergartens
● the care, maintenance and equipping of the kinder-gartens (installing and equipping kitchens, heaters and energy saving lighting)
● Building of playgrounds and green areas
● Laying out of vegetable gardens for healthy self suffi-ciency
● Support in organising excursions
● Acquisition and distribution of food donations.

For us, now is the time to introduce Golden Sunbeams e.V. to present our work to a wider public to generate further supporters and donations for our projects.  At the moment, we are working under great pressure on the content and the formation of our own website ( which still finds itself in “construction mode.”

We would be delighted if you would support and assist us in introducing Golden Sunbeams e.V.  to a wider audience.  Please recommend us to your friends and acquaintances, share us on your networks, pass on our e-mails and our future newsletters.  And perhaps you will even support us yourself?  The possibilities are varied, so please let us know!

A thousand thanks for your support and best wishes from the Cape
We are finally as far as this: our society Golden Sunbeams e.V. is about to be registered and recognised as a public benefit society by the Magistrates’ Court and the revenue office.  Our society has as its purpose the support of children through a variety of projects which help to improve basic lives and to overcome disadvan-tages and inequalities.  Sustainability is the basis of what we do, as we encourage and initiate self-help projects, espe-cially. ­­