Sponsor Regina Hermle and Principal Zelna, are proud of the healthily growing of vegetables.
Dear Friends of Golden Sunbeams ­­­­­­­Thanks to the support of Regina and Antony Hermle our kindergarten, Kingdom Kids Edu-Care Centre in Sir Lowry’s Pass, has finally had a new irrigation system installed.
The children love the gardening: This kindergarten, which at present looks after about 80 children between the ages of 0 and 6 years old, is located in one of the poorest townships in the Cape region.
And yet the Kingdom Kids Edu-Care Centre is privileged – because it is situated next to a stream that can be used to water the vegetable garden – a project we’ve been supporting for a few years now.
We regularly supply vegetable seedlings such as spinach, white cabbage, broccoli, squash, baby marrows, carrots and other types of vegetables.
By effectively managing the garden, the kindergarten is in the position whereby it has more than enough vegetables for its own use and can therefore sell the rest of the harvest to the community to generate revenue.

To date, the irrigation of the vegetable garden was laborious and tedious: the water had to be scooped by hand from the stream and then carried in heavy buckets to the garden to water the plants.  We intended to make this a sustainable project by building a pump system for water supply.  This is important due to the extreme drought which is a sign of the times! Unfortunately we lacked the financial resources to undertake it.  

But then came Antony and Regina’s wedding!  They requested their guests in lieu of gifts to give them donations which they could use on a social project.
Regina and Antony Hermle are keen gardeners and grow their own fruit and vegetables. Thus, they decided to use their wedding donations on our irrigation project.
Fortunately, Kingdom Kids Edu-Care Centre now has an irrigation system for its large vegetable garden: a mobile pump pumps the water from the stream to irrigate the garden directly or to collect it in the new rainwater tank.
In addition, a new rain gutter at the house was installed, so that the rain can be collected in the rainwater tank. A second pump pumps the water from the tank into the new irrigation system.

Kingdom Kids Edu-Care Centre and all of us at Golden Sunbeams e.V. would like to thank Regina and Antony Hermle and their friends for supporting the new irrigation system by their generous donations.  Thank you – without all of you this investment would not have been possible!