At the Rise and Shine Edu-Care Centre in Asanda-Village township, happy boys and girls all smile as they taste the delicious Easter cookies and hold their Easter bags in their hands.

Dear Friends of Golden Sunbeams

A year ago, on April 9, 2021, we reported to you about a happy Easter egg hunt in the most beautiful sunshine amidst a bright sky. Back then, a lot of little girls and boys were happy with their big, colourful paper bags, which were filled to the brim with sweets, colouring books and pens.

This year, our friends Sabine and Thomas have come up with something very special and are thus continuing a beautiful tradition: At Easter there are not only coloured eggs and a delicious Easter menu – at Easter there are also baked cookies in many shapes and colours.

For 3 days, Sabine, supported at times by her friend Jutta and her husband Thomas, spent her holidays in Cape Town mixing lots of eggs with flour, sugar, butter and nuts into a delicious dough, cutting out to form and bake cookies. Hundreds of Easter bunnies, butterflies and ducklings, mushrooms, hearts and shamrocks and flowers came out of the oven, which Sabine then lovingly decorated.

Shortly before Easter we visited some of our kindergartens together with the two hard-working pastry chefs:

In the Lekker Bekkies Edu-Care kindergarten in Strand, where we undertook a great extension project with three architecture students from Stuttgart in 2018 – you will remember that the kids were over the moon about us big “Easter bunnies” and beamed like the sun.

Likewise the children of the pre-primary school Rise and Shine and Bright Future Edu-Care in the township Asanda-Village, which we have supported many times in many different ways. At Rise and Shine we were welcomed by 40 little girls and boys and at Bright Future there were more than 50 children who welcomed us with a big hello and were very happy with their Easter surprise.

The children in all three kindergartens agreed: Sabine and Thoma’s home-baked biscuits were the stars in our colourful Easter bags, which we filled with sweets and small play and drawing utensils!

It’s going to be really, really hard to top this Easter surprise next year.

All the kindergarten teachers, all the children and we, ourselves would like to thank Sabine, Jutta and Thomas from the bottom of our hearts for putting this wonderful idea into practise with so much love, commitment and warm-heartedness.

Should you, dear friends, wish to support us in our work – we appreciate every donation.

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We wish you happy Easter greetings from sunny Cape Town

Britta & Bernd