Twins Liza and Liam look forward to starting school.

Dear friends of Golden Sunbeams

In South Africa, the summer school holidays have ended now. On the 15 January 2020, a new school year began for many children. Our twins, Liza and Liam, also began school. Almost two years ago, Bea, Dita, Jorn-Erik and Klaus-Detlev decided to pay the kindergarten fees for the twins and for their friend, Nazeem.

On the 8 January last year, we all celebrated the birthday of Liza and Liam in the Helderberg Golden Sunbeams kindergarten in Macassar.

Nazeem began kindergarten this year at Helderberg Golden Sunbeams. Since he is a year younger than Liza and Liam, he is in the pre-school class. As a result of Liza and Liam beginning school on the 15 January, their sponsors made their birthday this year something special. They arranged to meet the mother and her twins on their birthday, the 8 January 2020, in the big shopping mall in Somerset West. First they went shopping, to buy their complete school uniform. Since the summer uniform differs from the winter one, they also bought that straight away.

Dita Frohlich looks forward to a day spent with her sponsored children, Liza and Liam, as well as their mother Deidra, in the shopping Mall of Somerset West.

Even though the government schools here are free of charge for children and the parents do not have to pay school fees, it is still the parents’ responsibility to buy the school uniforms and anything else they require. For many parents in the townships, this is a big challenge as it is a huge financial investment.

The single mother Deidra of the twins was more than happy that this financial burden was relieved by sponsors.

With bulging bags, they went to a birthday celebration. Here the children could eat their fill. The staff of the restaurant arranged for them to have sparklers and sang birthday songs to them.

For both twins, this birthday will surely be remembered as a very special birthday. For them, on 15 January 2020, it was easy to begin school after the long summer holidays, due to the complete school equipment they had which hopefully motivates them to continue learning in future.

In kindergarten, Liza enjoyed reading books.

Liza, Liam, their mother Deidra and us from Golden Sunbeams e. V. would like to thank their sponsors Bea, Dita, Joern-Erik and Klaus-Detlev Froehlich. You have agreed to continue supporting the children’s education as needed in future.

Heartfelt thanks – without your generous support, twins Liza and Liam from the township of Macassar, would probably never have had the opportunity to enjoy equal opportunities and therefore, a successful and safe future.