On Friday, March 29, 2019, we inaugurated the new kitchen in the Bridge Park kindergarten with all the children, the kindergarten principal, Jo-Ann Samuels and the kindergarten owner, Magdalena Booysen.
Before: This kindergarten was opened in 2005 and is situated in Macassar, a township about 40km east of Cape Town.  The house is in a relatively good structural condition.  Nevertheless, there was a great need to improve the kitchen area.  It was small and in a poor condition.  It didn’t comply with the requirements to implement good nutrition.  On some days, local people receive a hot meal free of charge.  Therefore, they sometimes have to cook for over a hundred people in this small kitchen.

That’s why we decided to invest in a new kitchen in October 2018.  We received financial support for this project from the African-Rainbow Foundation.  All Golden Sunbeams e.V. members would like to thank the Foundation sincerely for their great support.
After: The former kitchen space was changed structurally.  For example, a partition was removed and in its place a new kitchen counter was installed.  The new bar chairs provide the staff with the opportunity to spend time together at a table during break-time.

The former window to the kindergarten room was converted into a serving hatch and a new blind separates the two rooms, whenever needed.

New electricity and new LED lights for better lighting, were installed in the kitchen which has made this area brighter and friendlier.

The new kitchen paint has contributed to making the kitchen look much friendlier.

In addition, an investment was made in enlarging the work and storage areas. A large, new steel table provides a big work surface and storage area for large pots and kitchen equipment.

A big, new refrigerator was purchased with a new gas cooker, a large microwave, a new water heater and some new kitchen pots.

Currently, there are about 46 children aged from 6 months to 6 years in the kindergarten. Since ade-quate nutrition for optimal learning is essential, the children now receive healthy and high quality meals twice a day.

Wow! Everyone is looking forward to their new kitchen, which was completed in March 2019.