Dita and Jörn-Erik Fröhlich with their godchildren Nazeem and Liam, the twin sister Liza and the two mothers of the children.
News from Macassar
Dear friends of Golden Sunbeams e.V.
We wish you and your families a happy and healthy 2019, and we hope the New Year started for you very well. In Cape Town, the school holidays are over and in the Helderberg Golden Sunbeam kindergarten school for our little ones began already on the 8 January 2019.
For twins, Liza & Liam the 8 January was a very special day. It was their 5th birthday. Thanks to our sponsors Dita & Jörn-Erik Fröhlich and Beatrix & Klaus-Detlef Fröhlich, the day was made unforgettable and unique for them. With a generous donation we could organise a happy birthday party to which all children of the kindergarten were invited. Could it have been a better entry for Liza and Leam into kindergarten life after the holidays?
Liza and Leam receive their gifts and for all other children there were also small surprise packages.
Almost a year ago, the daily life of the twins and their friend, Nazeem, did not look so happy …

At our anniversary celebration “20 Years Kindergarten Helderberg Golden Sunbeam” in March 2018, the two little boys, Liam and Nazeem, stood sadly in front of the gate of the kindergarten and watched the colorful goings-on inside. We celebrated this 20th anniversary happily and cheerfully with many children, friends, sponsors, parents and former kindergarten children.

Jörn-Erik Fröhlich, longtime supporter and promoter of our activities, discovered the two boys in front of the gate. We told him that both mothers were single parents and unemployed. Thus, neither mother could afford the school fees for her children. After a quick exchange of insights with us, he decided to invite the two boys to our party. Liam and Nazeem were radiant with happiness when the door to the kindergarten opened to admit them.

Jörn-Erik and his wife Dita fell in love with them immediately and they decided that same evening to pay the school fees of the two boys.
Beatrix Fröhlich with her godchild Liza
The principal of the kindergarten Marinda Manuel, also  decided to admit Liza, Liam’s twin sister, to the kindergarten. When Jörn-Erik’s brother, Klaus-Detlef and his wife Beatrix, visited the kindergarten, they decided to pay little Liza’s the school fees.
Liza and Nazeem have attended the kindergarten for nine months now and have developed splendidly: from sad, intimidated and doubtful children they have turned into bright, happy and self-confident children, who eagerly attend kindergarten. And the world has changed for their two mothers. As a result of this, they are able  to work knowing their children have the prospect of successful education and a secure future, due to their training at the kindergarten.

In South Africa, the education, socialization and care of children in the kindergartens and preschools of townships are of particular importance. These are a prerequisite for equal opportunities and a successful and secure development into adulthood.