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­ The kids at Bright Future Edu-Care Centre are excited about the new building.

Dear friends of Golden Sunbeams ­

­With plenty of space and light to play and study, the kids at the Bright Future Edu-Care Centre at Asanda Village are happy!

The new extension to our kindergarten – we reported in our August newsletter – took only 27 days to build, from the first sod of earth being turned until the last stroke of the paintbrush! This is a record, considering that it took us eight long months to obtain approval to extend the building.

From the bare structure …
… to creating a colourful and light-filled space.

On 16 September 2019, the class was able to move into the new premises – and were the pre-school children happy! Prior to the move and assisted by volunteers, the kindergarten teachers had decorated the classroom’s walls with instructive teaching materials.

Our pre-school children finally have enough space to use all the teaching materials that will prepare them for school.

The principal is pleased with the children in their new premises.

Two new toilet facilities were also added. In addition, we have decided to rebuild the old bathroom in the main house. So far, it consists of only one toilet and a bathtub, which is not used at all. We want to expand the bathtub to provide space for a second toilet which will also meet the requirements as a disabled toilet. It will provide the satisfaction of being able to include 15 more children in this kindergarten.

Just as with our kindergarten project Lekkerbekkies, the new rooms are additionally to be equipped with space-saving wooden benches under which wooden boxes offer plenty of room to play and learn.

In our next newsletter we will report on the outcome of the bathroom remodelling and wooden benches. ­

It was great fun to work with this power team of craftsmen from the Nomzamo township. Despite our many years of experience in the construction of kindergartens in the townships, we were very surprised and pleased by how quickly this construction project was realised

At this point, we would like to thank our building manager Andre Ncube, his team and all contributing suppliers. Many thanks also to the African Rainbow Foundation which has taken over a large part of the funding.

Thank you very much – without all of you this building extension would not have been possible.