Dear Friends of Golden Sunbeams

Since the lockdown began we have received so many grateful thanks that we want to share them with you.  These include emotional expressions contained in photos, videos,emails, letters and via WhatsApp.  Even if the number of Corona cases continues to climb, we still hope that some of our kindergartens will be able to re-open in the next few days.

This is our reason to say THANK YOU and to pass on the THANKS that we have received.  Without your support we could not have undertaken these measures:

Food parcels and food vouchers for the children and their families in the townships (various messages of thanks follow as per your text).

Support and promotion of soup kitchens.

Food vouchers for people who are unable to visit soup kitchens due to their disabilities.

ECD Centres equipped with “Readiness Kits” (soap, sanitisers, masks etc) for reopening.

Therefore we would like to say to Golden Sunbeams e.V. a heartfelt THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! And THANKS to our many sponsors, friends and acquaintances who supported us so quickly, unconventionally and in such a simply great way!

Your sympathy and donations have motivated us and opened up new opportunities to help the local people in this extremely difficult situation. As you have read above, the joy has been great and the expressions of gratitude have been overwhelming. ­

­ ­ ­
Although we are still far from being back to normal, on 19 June 2020, we had our first working meeting in the townships since the beginning of lockdown.

­ Bernd Holtkamp in conversation with the principal of Great Beginnings and the construction manager about the continuation of our construction projects.

­ ­ ­
­ Our heartfelt thanks also go to our partner organisations, Masikhule ( and Masincedane (, to our principals and kindergarten teachers who continue to distribute hot meals in their soup kitchens, as well as to our communities with food parcels or food vouchers.

Thank you, best wishes and please stay healthy!

Britta and Bernd