­ Our traditional final photo with all the children and kindergarten teachers.

­ Dear Friends of Golden Sunbeams

Playing and splashing around, feasting and snacking indefinitely – 50 girls and boys from Golden Sunbeams had a lot of fun at our Christmas party on Thursday, December 10th, 2020. For the children and their kindergarten teachers from the township, this is a happy, traditional excursion to the Mondeor Restaurant – always a big highlight in Somerset West, especially in this extraordinary and unpredictable Covid-19 year.

At the beginning, all children were given water pumps, baseball caps, water wings, life jackets, balls, balloons and much more.

­ And then the pool party could begin.

­ After pizza, ice cream and sweets, each child was given a large Christmas bag as they said goodbye, filled with crayons, colouring books, toys and candies. For us there were bright children’s eyes and happy faces! ­

­We absolutely have to tell you the magical story behind the Christmas bags: The St. Albertus Day Care Centre in Bensheim produced and sold a newspaper and donated the proceeds to the Bensheim homeless people and to Golden Sunbeams. But that wasn’t all: the kindergarten teachers also collected from their own ranks and donated the money to us.

The photo shows some children from the St. Albertus Day Care Centre selling their newspaper. ­

­We owe this great campaign primarily to the five-year-old Malou, who advertised Golden Sunbeams in her Day Care Centre. Her older sister Elena worked as a volunteer with us from 2019 to 2020 and was visited by her family here. They accompanied Elena in her Sikuthale Edu-Care Centre and got an insight into her work and the local situation. Malou firmly anchored all of this in her heart and reported it in her kindergarten. We are speechless, touched and overjoyed by this unprecedented action by the small and large supporters! Thank you very, very much to all of you at the St. Albertus Day Care Centre!

­ The undisputed highlight of this year’s Christmas party was the bulging Christmas bags that all the children got on their way home. You can imagine that the enthusiasm was huge.

However, this year’s Christmas party also had a downside: In order to further minimize the risk of infection despite compliance with all hygiene regulations, our guests – our friends, supporters and sponsors – were not able to take part in our celebration. All of us missed them and you greatly.

We, together with the children and kindergarten teachers thank you very, very much for the many donations.

Now we hope for a funny Christmas party in December 2021, for which we can all get together again – children, kindergarten teachers, our friends, supporters and sponsors from Europe and South Africa!

From the bottom of our hearts we wish you a merry Christmas, health, well being and a happy New Year despite all the restrictions!

Best wishes

Britta & Bernd