Thank you very much for your support

Dear Golden Sunbeams Members,
We, the children and the kindergarten teachers of the kindergarten Helderberg Golden Sunbeam would like to thank very much for the generous support of our Christmas party Golden Sunbeams e.V. yesterday. You made it possible for us to celebrate together with the children, the kindergarten teachers and friends from Europe and South Africa at the Mondeor Restaurant in Somerset West.
After the children from Macassar were taken by bus to the Mondeor Restaurant in Somerset West, the sun was laughing and the sky was bright blue. What is actually quite normal for all Cape Townies at this time of year, was a great luck yesterday. In the early morning the sky was dark and cloudy and the dry earth was filled with much rain.
The children had a lot of fun playing in the big playground. Everyone had the bathing suits with, so the pool gave variety by swimming and roping in the water to the children.
Of course it is not surprising that the children were hungry after all these many activities. Everyone could eat pizza, drink lemonade and also eat ice cream for dessert.
We all had a wonderful day. For the adults who were present and who also supported the event financially, it was certainly a great pleasure to be able to look into all the many shining eyes. For this reason we want to maintain the 20-year tradition next year, and we would be very pleased if you could also be a part of it. Perhaps we will be able to hold our general meeting too.
Since last night we are also Online with our English website. For our Christmas party there is also a current blog by our club member Claudia Beissner, who took part of our event yesterday.
We wish you a contemplative Advent season, a wonderful Christmas and a good and healthy start into the new year 2019.
Best wishes
Britta & Bernd