­ Knut quickly made friends with our kindergarten teacher Abigail and her children from the Sikuthale Edu-Care Center in the township of Asanda-Village.

Dear Friends of Golden Sunbeams

Britta had no contact with her college friend Knut for about 30 years – until Knut happened to find an article about the work of Golden Sunbeams e.V. in their hometown of Wuppertal. He recognized Britta in a photo and found out that she is a co-founder of the organization Golden Sunbeams e.V. He immediately contacted her and a short time later Knut and his partner Andrea became members of Golden Sunbeams.

­ ­
­Their great interest in South Africa, its people and, above all, the social projects of Golden Sunbeams meant that both of them planned and booked their first trip to the Cape region. The interest in our country and association was so great that Knut’s eldest son Chris came to Cape Town on August 21, 2021 to do an eight-week voluntary internship with us.

­ Andrea and Knut arrived 7 weeks later and have kindly agreed to share their impressions with you and us by allowing us to publish their travel report. Thank you, dear Andrea and Knut, and have fun reading, dear friends! ­

­ ­ ­
­A trip to South Africa:

What expectations does a traveler have of South Africa, and what does a tourist actually expect from Cape Town?

  1. We expected very friendly and open-minded people, but we also had expected for potentially unsettling or even threatening situations in the city as well as in and in the townships that we wanted to visit.
  2. We were looking forward to seeing Chris, Knut’s eldest son, who worked for about two months as a volunteer in some of the kindergartens that supported Golden Sunbeams.
  3. We were also looking forward to seeing Britta, Knut’s old Wuppertal friend, whom he had not seen for about 30 years.
  4. We expected a diverse and beautiful landscape with breathtaking views, an enchanting fauna and flora.
  5. We expected good food and nice restaurants and wineries. ­

­ ­ ­
­Point 1-3

In the kindergartens we met happily smiling, completely relaxed and warm hearted children who, with their firm hugs, let us know that we were very welcome. The kindergarten teachers we got to know were impressive and loving people who poured their hearts into their jobs. To experience that and to be part of it, even if only briefly, was very nice.

As a father, I was proud to experience how my son Chris got involved as an English teacher and contact person for the children as well as a handyman and artist in the everyday life of the kindergartens.

­The above also applied to the girls, who also volunteered with all their positive energy.

To experience how Britta and Bernd put a lot of time, organisational talent and love into the interests of the kindergartens was impressive. The conversations with them, e.g. at our dinner together, were exciting, comfortable and always interesting. ­

­ ­ ­
Just to comment on our fears. At no time or place did we feel uncomfortable, worried or even threatened in South Africa. The people were always open, warm and kind to us. One shouldn’t believe everything the media tells one, it is better rather to obtain your own perspective. ­

­ ­ ­
­ Point 4

The landscape, the breathtaking views, the flora and fauna of South Africa have cast a spell over us. Just a few of our selected photos should show what has remained in our memories of the Cape and why everyone should definitely visit South Africa at least once.

­ Point 5

If you like to eat and drink well, the Cape Region will definitely be good for you. The restaurants are great and the wineries are very special in terms of architecture and landscape. ­

­ ­ ­
It was a very nice trip with lasting impressions that we were able to take back with us to Germany. But we were also deeply touched by the other, poor and historically unjust side of Africa. ­

­ ­ ­
­And that is why Britta’s and Bernd’s work for Golden Sunbeams is so important to enable children who have lived without a chance to free themselves from poverty in the safe care of kindergartens, through education and hard work.

In this sense, your Andrea and your Knut.

And about another topic from us:

Due to the persistently low Covid-19 infections, we have decided to celebrate our traditional Christmas party again this year to give the little girls and boys a few carefree and happy hours.

On Thursday, December 9th, 2021 the time will have come again and around 100 children and kindergarten teachers at our kindergartens Helderberg Golden Sunbeam and Bridge Park Edu-Care Center will be picked up by bus in Macassar. With a big “hello” our little protégés conquer the garden and swimming pool of the Mondeor Restaurant in Somerset West: then it’s all about playing, romping, splashing, eating and snacking! And before they go back to Macassar, each child receives a Christmas bag with gifts.

We would be happy if you, dear friends, support this Christmas project again. Thank you very much!!!

Our donation account:
Golden Sunbeams e.V.
Account holder: Bernd Holtkamp
Standard Bank
Account number 10112371777

Look forward to the many beautiful photos of happy children and the report about our Christmas party in the next December newsletter.

Greetings from pre-Christmas Cape Town

Britta & Bernd