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Using Synergies Through Partnerships

To improve the opportunities for disadvantaged children and their families in the Cape Town townships, we have joined forces with various non profit organisations which have the same vision. The cooperation is characterised by openness, friendship and trust. The organisations complement our priorities in different ways, resulting in synergies based on partnership and targeting.


Improving Health and Education

Cheafrica is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to improving the health and education of children and adolescents in Africa. The vision was created by Vicky Roper in recognition of the values ​​and passion she shares with her late brother Mike Davies to improve the lives of African.


Improving education and care

Bernd Holtkamp has already worked together with the organisation, Masikhule, for 10 years, before the official establishment of Golden Sunbeams e.V. Its main focus is the training and development of kindergarten staff from non-privileged social classes who work in approximately 40 kindergartens in the townships of the Helderberg area. To support the kindergarten teachers and children, the Masikhule Library was built in 2017 in Helderzicht. The aim of this institution is to support the different kindergartens with teaching and learning material. We participated in this transformation, financially, conceptually and structurally.

Masincedane community service

Education, training and development organisation for job seekers

Masincedane offers interconnected job-related courses such as: hygiene and sanitation, food preparation and home care. A holistic home care service that works in collaboration with small town and local health authorities for people who cannot afford health care. Furthermore, they show the communities how to take responsibility for their own health.

Manager für Menschen

Added value for all involved

Since 2011, Human Resource managers have been training professionals and executives as temporary advisers in social projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They give interested managers the chance to integrate a social sabbatical meaningfully into their active professional lives.


Make Experiences of Volunteers Memorable Memories

Travel2volunteer has set itself the goal that volunteers travel back to their home country after their stay in South Africa, with lasting, unforgettable memories. Travel2volunteer is an owner-managed organisation that looks after the visit and employment of volunteers. It works with many nonprofit organisations and not only makes volunteers’ experiences special, but also helps them plan trips, introduces them to South African traditions, and is at their disposal for any questions they may have.

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