Dear friends of Golden Sunbeams

One of our former babies has just reached a big goal. Mauricia Hartnick had played and learned in the first kindergarten “Helderberg Golden Sunbeam”, which we built in 1998. On September 19, 2019, Mauricia was allowed to attend at the “Matric Ball 2019”. “Matric” is the name of the South African school certificate after high school, which is similar to the German Abitur.

For all students who receive the Matric degree, this event is a great highlight, which is celebrated as a great event with the family, the neighbors and the entire community. Two years ago, it looked as if Mauricia could no longer achieve this goal. After the birth of her first child, she was able to return to school. Through her ambition, her determination and her diligence, but also the support of her mother Theresa, and the two older sisters Alicia and Sholene Hartnick, it was possible that this great and important goal could be achieved.

The family, a lot of friends and the neighborhood congratulate and celebrate this event. After Mauricia and her school friend drove in a big motorcade to the Matric ball everyone went on happily. A large buffet supplied the guests with many food and drinks.

For many of the children who attended to this event, it is certainly a great motivation for their future.

We are very proud of Mauricia and very grateful to be a part of this event with her and her family. We wish all the children in the Cape region will follow Mauricia’s example.