Record breaking: New ECD-Centre completed in only 77 days!

Part of the opening was a symbolic tree on which kids and supporters perpetuated their hand prints.
Dear friends of Golden Sunbeams ­­­­­­­Since their first day, the 25 February 2019, our hardworking architectural students Isabelle, Merle and Tamara, worked non-stop to achieve their ambitious goal of building a new ECD-Centre in Rusthof, a township in the Strand.
BauRaum Afrika has achieved its goal!

Just 77 days later, on 12 May 2019, the time had come for us to celebrate the inauguration of the new ECD-Centre Lekkerbekkies. ­
­ ­ ­

­BauRaum Afrika did a great job supported by the University of Stuttgart! From acquisition of donations and subsidies to brick walls, Isabelle, Merle and Tamara really took their own project in hand: in Germany they held fundraisers and collected money. They planned the new building and demolished the old wooden shed on-site that previously served as the kindergarten. They purchased all the materials themselves, negotiated with suppliers and craftsmen and oversaw all the construction details. And that’s not all: they even did the glazing and paintwork themselves!

­ Two bright new rooms for different classes become one big room by adding a wooden sliding door as a partition
A huge basin in front of the new toilets is ideal for washing hands!
Space-saving shelves and cupboards offer plenty of storage space and a great many seats.
A long, firm outside bench provides lots of seating space for the children!
It was great fun to work with this power trio!  Based on our many years of experience constructing kindergartens in the townships, we could support them in fulfilling the aims of  their project. ­­­­­

At this point we would like to warmly thank Isabelle, Merle and Tamara from BauRaum Afrika once again.  We would also like to thank the South African organisation, Masikhule, all contributing suppliers and craftsmen, as well as all our sponsors who contributed to this project.  THANK YOU very much – without all of you, this ECD-Centre would have been unthinkable, unattainable and would have remained Utopian!