­Welcome back BAU RAUM AFRIKA! ­­­­­­

Our three dedicated architecture students Merle Hölter, Tamara Speil and Isabelle Oswald (v.l.n.r.) are here again. After almost one year they returned from Stuttgart back to South Africa to build a new kindergarten in the coming months. 2018 they already realized already a kitchen for kindergarten Lekker Bekkies in the township Rusthof (more info, see:
http://goldensunbeams.org/12_lekker-bekkies-edu-care-ebrahim-bazier-strand-klein-aber-mit-grossem-potential/ ).
Monday  February 25, 2019
Big hello – just after the arrival at Cape Town airport, we met with the architectural students and our South African architect George Strangman in Strand to celebrate our reunion, exchange views and discuss the next days.
Friday, March 1, 2019
Demolition – First, the wooden shed where the old kindergarten was located was demolished to make room for the new kindergarten building. After that the preparatory construction work began by digging the ground for the foundation.
Wednesday, February 27, 2019
First Team Meeting – The first big team meeting took place in the kitchen of Lekker Bekkies, which was planned and newly built last year by the students: with craftsmen, electricians, plumbers, local architects, the principal of Lekker Bekkies, architecture students and Bernd Holtkamp and Britta Belz from Golden Sunbeams e.V.
Wednesday,  March 13, 2019
First milestone – Already after 2 weeks poured the foundation, the first pipes for water and electricity are laid and the kindergarten moved to a temporary room. Thanks to a generous discount, a sustainable and durable brick could be bought instead of a simple cement stone.
Its a lot to do! Everyone is working hard on completing the new kindergarten Lekker Bekkies.

In one of our next newsletters we will report on the progress. ­­